About Us



Owner, day-to-day manager, and a facilities coordinator, Stacy is your first point of contact at Gray Bridge.  Stacy is our visionary, hand-holder, and scissors-safety pin-tape procurer.  Stacy used to be a childbirth doula is well-versed in the significance of crafting major life events.



Project Manager and a facilities coordinator, Matt is our problem solver and relationship builder.  He holds the team together as well as keeps all our projects moving forward.  Matt is also directly and exclusively responsible for our fabulous restroom trailer!

Scampers, Manager


Scampers will join you on your tour, will get in your car, and we have to lock him up during weddings so he won't photo bomb your wedding!  He loves to be a part of the action and loves kids!  We have three cats on the property but it is likely you will only ever see Scampers.



Mike is our carpenter extrodinairre!  Most of the structures on the property benefit from Mike's skills and expertise.  He built the amphitheater from a vision and a couple Pinterest photos, rebuilt the Stag Shack from a dilapidated pool house and built the barn.  Mike is our construction lead and never hesitates to say "We can do that".

Farm Animals


We can stage the animals in the pasture of your choice.  Just ask and we can move baby horses and lambs either near or far from your event!

Our other projects